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Jim Weaver Pencil Art

"Oregon Secret" ORIGINAL

"Oregon Secret" ORIGINAL

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This breathtaking Mule Deer Buck was harvested by Jim’s dad in 1986. While Oregon is not usually considered a trophy state, great bucks can be found in secret places by diligent hunters. Don’ let anyone tell you there’s not big bucks in Oregon! This buck scored a whopping 208” B&C. 

This drawing was undertaken to commemorate one of Jim’s favorite childhood memories. At four years old, the sight of this giant buck in the back of an old pickup ignited a love for Mule Deer and the outdoors that has never been quenched. 

The original is available for sale and a limited edition print series as well. Image size is 30x24 (original size, not including frame), or 18x24. Order now to secure a low numbered print! 

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