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Jim Weaver Pencil Art

“Center Stage” Buck Norris PRINTS

“Center Stage” Buck Norris PRINTS

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ORIGINAL SOLD. Buck Norris is arguably the most famous buck in Oregon History.  He lived in Bend, Oregon and was considered a “city buck”. He was beloved by all those in the Bend area and photographers and enthusiasts from around the country would stop by to photograph him and see him in person. For several years, his impressive antlers was well known, and to this day he is regularly displayed in the deer enthusiast’s world, on social media and in publications. This drawing is authorized by Jeff Dixson, an amazing photographer who spent a lot of time with Buck Norris. Mule Deer are incredible - Buck Norris was exceptional! He has been “Center Stage” as the mule deer ambassador for wildlife conservation, hunting, and wildlife/vehicle collision avoidance for some time now. He was regrettably struck by a car a few years ago, but his beauty lives on. Now you can own your own commemorative Buck Norris Pencil Drawing by Jim Weaver.  Own a limited edition print today.

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