They're Amazing...

They're Amazing...

The first drawing I ever did was of a bugling bull elk.  I grew up loving elk because my dad hunted them - I always saw hunting magazines around and was used to my dad practicing his elk calling through the summer.  I ate up stories of the one that got away. And when I had the chance to hunt them they had become so mythical and powerful in my mind I had nightmares in the days before the hunt of making one angry and their eyes turning fiery red!

When I finally did get to see elk in person, I was captivated by their size, the texture of their coat, their color that didn't seem to blend in (yet somehow did), the rugged, tree-like antlers that grew from the heads of the bulls, and even the terrain they lived in.  They are everything the western wild is all about.  

As a teenager, I was able to participate in the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation conservation efforts by having art pieces in banquet auctions, and I even got to go to the national Rendezvous on two occasions with my artwork.

This new piece, "On the Edge", embodies the strength, size, and even texture of the Rocky Mountain bull elk. They live under the tall conifers and up against the rim rocks. They make covering big country look easy.  And their alluring call beckons us back to the wild every fall for one more chance to hunt them.  I love elk because they're amazing.  And I'd venture to say you do too, or you might not still be reading!  Haha!  

Today, you can collect one of only 75 prints of "On the Edge".  Once they're gone, they're gone!  You can order it in a frame, or frame-free if you want to prepare your own display. You might even consider buying one for a friend or loved one as a gift. You'd be their hero (because I'm sure they love elk, too!)

"ON THE EDGE" <---- Click here to order!

Here's to passionate elk-lover's everywhere - they keep us "On the Edge"!


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