7 Reasons To Give Fine Art As a Gift

7 Reasons To Give Fine Art As a Gift

If you’re anything like me, there are people in your life that are really difficult to give gifts to. I’ve wandered store isles (usually at the last minute!) and scoured the Amazon website going through countless products looking for something that’s just right - only to come up lacking. They don’t need another gadget. I don’t know their clothing size. I don’t want to contribute to next year’s garage sale. Some things seem contrived, while other things are a waste. Sometimes it doesn’t convey the value I want to express to the person I’m giving to. What do you give to someone to say exactly how much they mean to you? What do you give to the person who doesn’t need anything except a gesture of the relational value they hold to you?

Enter a unique solution: your local artisans are hard at work creating things everyday with their hands and their creativity. I’m sure you’ve come across something that someone created and thought “wow! They made that?”  Here are a couple of reasons buying fine art from artists and craftsmen that you know or have come across may make the statement you are wanting to express.

1. It’s Unique

That art piece or crafted object is most likely one of a kind, or there are very few like it in a series of reproductions. The recipient of your gift will have received something of intrinsic value simply because it’s not found everywhere products are sold.

2. You Know or Have Met the Person Who Made It

In our Information Age, riddled with technology and sound bytes, it’s very difficult to acquire a personalized product where you know the person who made it and can appreciate it’s craftsmanship and because you have connected with the person who created it. It came from their imagination and creativity. It was crafted in a home, surrounded by family, a story and the satisfaction of creating something that brought a smile to the face of the artist. It wasn’t produced on an assembly line and distributed to the masses. Many times it came from the table of a friend and tells a deeper story. Giving that kind of a gift to your loved one includes them in the full circle story of the art piece because it includes the artist - their character and personality!

3. Art Lasts A Lot Longer Than Most Gifts - Sometimes Through Generations

Whether you purchase an art piece to hang on a wall, a piece of jewelry, a carving, pottery, or any number of other art pieces, they have a tendency to stay on display for years to come. That piece of art will far outlast that toaster oven or the latest tech gadget.  It will hang on the wall or sit on the mantel as a constant reminder of the statement of love you made for the recipient.  I’ve been amazed at how many people who bought wildlife art from me years ago still have it hanging on their wall in a place of honor.  There’s no better compliment to the artist or the gift giver than to know the art is still valued and displayed proudly years after it was purchased.

4. You Can Collect More Later

Building a collection of art pieces from a specific artist can be a fun endeavor and develop a relationship with a favorite artist and a deeper connection with the recipient. (It also creates the possibility for great gift ideas in the future, because you can add to their collection!) Who knows, some of that art might increase in value as the artist gains notoriety and your art purchase has become a small investment!

5. You Support Your Local Creatives and Boost Their Local Economy

I know many artists, myself included, who pursue their art career as a side-hustle. Meaning, they work full hours in their chosen profession, but they make art on the side as a way to help make ends meet and reach goals they have in their life. They also use it as an outlet for their creativity. Your supportive purchase encourages and uplifts their endeavors, helps them reach their goals, and because your purchase didn’t go to a giant corporation, helps boost a local economy where the artist and their family live.  All around, these are amazing reasons to purchase gifts from an artist directly!

6. You Might Be Able to Have That Artist Make Something Just For You

One of my favorite things to do is draw a specific subject for a customer. I call these commissions - in essence, a drawing that is done to the specifications of the customer. You KNOW that drawing is one of a kind! I do lots of pet commissions. You can check out how to commission a drawing here. Most artists are open to special projects and will embrace putting together a unique piece of art for your loved one. I love hearing the stories of satisfied recipients like these: 

“The picture of (the dogs) was a birthday gift. It is so perfect! My daughter-in-law has it hanging in our Mercantile so she can enjoy it everyday and share with the community.” -Carol

“She loved it and it made her cry! She is not one to cry! It matches their home and interior perfect! What a blessing! Thank you!” -Angela

7. You Can Create a Conversation For Years to Come!

When you display a piece of artwork that you find intriguing, beautiful, unique, or that you have invested finances in, it becomes something you and your loved ones can visit about with guests. It brings up memories, fun stories, and the hopes and dreams for the future. A well displayed art piece is a statement of your taste, interests, and history. This is much more satisfying than buying something generic from your local Big Box.  Especially when you have a personal connection with the artist! 

I have had so many conversations with creatives in my own circle of friends and they are passionate about helping you find something to give your loved ones that means something deep and lasting. Birthdays and Christmas are coming! I’d love to ask you to consider supporting your local artists and building something unique and meaningful into your decor.  Your loved ones will love it, and your local artists will be grateful! 

From my heart, thank you for being a supporter of Jim Weaver Pencil Art. It is my joy to serve you!


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